Frequently asked questions

No, we offer balanced meals that are portion controlled to meet your macro needs. We do not follow any diet trends. We do offer meals that are vegetarian/vegan.

All of our meal prep packaging is 100% compostable. All you have to do is remove the sleeve and lid and pop it in the microwave. Family style meal pans are not compostable as they are made to pop right in the oven.

Right now, we do not deliver with dry ice. We use an insulated bag to place your food in when it’s on the way to you. We text you when you are on the way, and when your food has arrived so you can promptly store your bag in the fridge. If you know someone will not be home at the time of delivery, please let us know and we will make accommodations!

Not yet- however, please let us know where you are so we can know where to look at expanding 🙂

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